Hair Loss Prevention 101

Can my hair loss be permanently reversed with the surgical options available?

Eat more fish Not only are fish loaded with protein and minerals, but theyre also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Both nutrients have been linked to preventing hair loss in chemotherapy patients. That holding true for healthy men hasnt really been studied, but both nutrients offer a host of other health benefits so there should be nothing stopping you from including more fish in your diet. Keep your iron levels in check Iron-deficiency anemia, which is more common in women, is a well-known cause of unexpected hair loss, but the loss may be so slight that you barely notice it. Adding some iron-rich foods to your diet like pumpkin seeds, quinoa or tofu may help if you run into any problems. This is particularly important if youre a vegetarian looking into hair loss prevention, since it can be harder to get enough iron when you have to avoid red meats or eggs. Dont forget your vitamin B Also important for hair growth are B vitamins biotin, folate, B2, and B12.
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Top ten causes of hair loss in twenties

Top ten causes of hair loss in twenties

First, intake of alcohol, smoking and inhaling stale air does no wonders to your hair. Alcohol taken regularly interferes with absorption of vitamins from the diet, less vitamins means less nutrition available for your crowning glory. Stress is another factor which can accelerate hair loss. Fear of approaching exams, rejection by peers and worrying about college admissions leads to undue stress in the young generation. Pollution and environmental factors like living close to factory areas exposes your hair to harsh chemicals present in the air. This can rob hair of its lustre making it look limp and dull.
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It stimulates the bodys own cells to form new tissue specific to that site (Auto-cloning). It also facilitates the healing after a hair transplant. Capixyl:It prevents hair miniaturization, favours better hair anchoring and reduces inflammation (an aggravating factor in hair loss). Hair multiplication (or hair cloning):Still in the research phase, the concept of hair multiplication is to extract donor hair cells from the existing hair follicles and then multiply them in a lab. Once enough hair cells are multiplied, they are then injected back into your balding areas, thus stimulating hair growth. Considerable work remains before hair cloning methods become a viable treatment for hair loss.
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