Yacon Molasses Syrup Is Proven To Lead To Effortless Weight Loss – Curbs Appetite And Boosts Metabolism

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Some research studies showed a noticeable reduction in overall body weight. Yacon root increases the good bacteria in the colon which helps in maintaining healthy weight, these bacteria converts the fiber contents into fatty acids which help in inhibiting cholesterol synthesis in the liver and improve insulin sensitivity. The fiber contents or FOS also promotes the production of gastrointestinal peptides which help in regulating insulin levels and control food intake. FOSacts as a soluble fiber, which increases stool bulk to help prevent and control constipation. FOS present in the Yacon Molasses Syrup help feed beneficial bacteria in the colon such as Bifidus and lactobacillus, therefore may also help control appetite and food cravings, helping people eat less.
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